Looking to use different audio set ups in the same project

Hello all

I have an audio set up which differs from a friends computer, I take my dongle to his place so I can record there. It always loads my set up using a Komplete Audio 6 with the project instead of his built in HD audio and I have to add or change it every time. Using ASIO4all gets a good latency on his computer.

Is there a way to load the audio set up so I don’t need to change it all the time when going back and forth from my house to his.

I was thinking about adding all the inputs and disabling some on each computer but I really only want to actual inputs each machine has.

Being able to save an audio set up file and load it in would be the perfect thing as long as it doesn’t affect the samples and midi data in the project.


I just found out that “Audio Connections” has a “preset” which has a save. Silly me for just thinking that was only presets defined by Steinberg and that I couldn’t define my own.