Looks like other people have used my authorisations, no reply from support

Having been a loyal supporter of Steinberg and its products for many years, I cannot get any response from their support. I am locked out of CuBase 12 following what looks like other people having used my authorisations. I have a ticket raised with Steinberg for over a week now but no response. Anyone have any idea how to get them to respond? There doesnt aporar to be a chat option or phine numbers listed.

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I am not a Steinberg employee, so I am sorry that I can’t help you here. But I wonder what your My Steinberg account shows you.

Mine looks like this.

It’s not other people, you must have inadvertently(?) done it. Activations can only be accomplished on your local machine.

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Mine shows 3 activations used. My desktop tells me i cannot sctivate because there are no activations left. My laptop still only has CuBase 11.

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It’s quite possible but i dont have 3 other machines. My point is that Steinberg support is not responding for over a week now so what more can I do to get their attention?

Short of buying a plane ticket and going to wherever they are located, I imagine you could charge back on the credit card. This is somewhat of a “nuclear option,” though – it won’t make Cubase magically work for you; it will just get you your money back.
However, that may consume your cubase 11 upgrade ability (in case you used that one, rather than purchase new.)
Also, if you want to purchase Cubase again, you may have to use another credit card, because most merchants will put a ban on a particular card number after it has had a chargeback.
If you used a “bank card” rather than a “credit card,” this option also won’t work.

While I don’t know that it will help, I would suggest naming your ticket clearly. Like: Please deactivate my unwanted Cubase 12 license activations

I knew exactly that such things would be happening when they announced that they would go challenge response. And that’s the reason my journey with cubase will end with version 11.

@folkfreak This is not a challenge response system. You are doing the right thing for yourself by staying on 11.

Finally found a phone number to call support and my activations have now been reset, so I’m happy again.