Loop & Audio recording simultaneously

Is it possible in cubase 6.0.2. to play a 4 bar drum loop and at the same time record the audio from that loop whilst opening and closing the filter settings so that the end product might be 36 bars long ( with the filter opening and closing all the time ) all derived from that 4 bar loop. Yes I realise I can copy the original 4 bars, 9 times and end up with 36 bars in real time but … I just wondered ?

Try it and tell us the result.

I have a triton extreme that can do and that is an old piece of analogue gear, so why cant a state of the art up to date DAW do it ?

Try using the arranger. You can tell it to play the arranger part 9 times. Unless you want different automation for each pass of the loop then this method won’t work, of course.

Who said it can´t…? Just because you don´t know how to do it, doesn´t actually mean, the “state of the art up to date DAW” can´t do it.
By using the “independent track loop” for example you can do what you´re asking…
(I must admit though, I don´t know if C6 still has it, but since it has been available since at least SX 3, I suppose it´s still there in C6…You´ve got the manual, you can look it up…)
Also with standard cycle mode recording it can be done

Yes, thinkingcap, thats the answer … cubase 6.0.2 DOES indeed have the independant track loop feature. Thanks for your input, much appreciated.