loop audition like Ableton Live possible in Cubase Pro 8

Hi all,

I just bought CB pro 8 and want to find out if it’s possible to audition audio like Ableton Live, meaning while the sequence is running i can simply click on any audio files and have it locked to the song’s tempo.

I check out the loop and audio browser but one is stuck using the loops that came with CB8, i guess this is because they already have key and tempo info that CB understand. Thx

Just click on the layout settings button on the left bottom side. There you can activate the Scan-Locations area in the loop browser. Now you are able to choose loop files from other locations of your file system.

it won’t play the loop using the sequence tempo. it simply plays it in the original tempo.

You have to activate the sync to project button. You should take a look to the manual.