Loop automations

Hi Guys,

I’m using loop automation on my dialogue, and i have 2 questions:

  1. Is it possible to extend or perhaps shorten the region of the automation, after it was written ?
    2.I i hear clicks at some points of my timeline where plugins are being bypassed or unbypassed as part of the loop automation, is there anything i can do to avoid this?

( nuendo 8 on windows 7)


  1. Afaik only manually
  2. Don’t use bypass


I agree with Tumppi.

What I have done though at times is use a macro to deal with #1. So you can choose your events that you want your automation to apply to, then activate a macro that sets the range to the boundaries of those events -/+ 1 or two frames. Then activate your preview/fill loop or whatever and that should take care of it. That’s pretty much the only other workaround I think.