Loop Browser issues with MIDI files

hello …

i have a ton of MIDI loops, some of my own (mainly chord progressions and bass lines) some from bought libraries (mainly drum loops, the old but excellent Bernard Purdie and Twiddly Bits just to name a few)

i’m looking for a workflow where i could pre-listen to these loops with the VST Instruments i have loaded in my setup arrangement, is there a way to do this via the media bay or loop browser ? having trouble figuring this out and am battling my way through manuals and tutorials … but maybe someone here knows how to set this up ? i’ve added the respective folders to the Loop Browsers ‘Define Locations’, enabled Deep Folders … but nothing shows up …

EDIT: ok, i had to deselect and reselect Midi files and Midi loops in the filter and now the files show up … go figure …

but now i have a couple of other issues popping up:

1/ i can only select the VSTi as a whole, since i have VSTi’s setup with multiple outs i’d love to be able to select a track from the arrange window instead of this or at least be able to select the MIDI channel it’s outputting to for preview … maybe this would be a nice addition for a future update ?

2/ when dragging a Type 1 file there it will rename my track to ‘untitled’, draging a Type 0 file (most of my loops) does not work at all most of the times, some files work but they create parts on different tracks … can’t figure out why some Type 0 MIDI files would work and most of them don’t … i attached some samples below … both of these files work in other midi apps, they even preview in the OSX finder with the QT Midi Synth

BTW, i am using Cubase 7.01, not sure why my signature doesn’t update
01-22.01 M1.mid (378 Bytes)
02-EpLick2 .mid (86 Bytes)