Loop browser/Mediabay not syncing to tempo

Neither the loop browser or mediabay seems capable of syncing to the project tempo. They can start in sync, but the tempo of the auditiong loop is unchanged. It makes no difference if it’s WAV, REX, MP3, AIF…nadda!!
Whats worse, is that some loops close to the original track tempo play at double speed!!! It appears as if the time stretch algorithm just isn’t kicking in.
As a way of quickly auditioning loops etc, loop browser needs to be on point, or else there’s other long winded 3rd party work rounds…but really, for a pro level piece of software this shouldn’t be close to an issue.

Advice pls Steinberg.

Thank you.

+1 this would be a good addition for MB.

I don’t think it’s really understood how badly needed this is… Allowing tempo sync on preview for both WAV/REX files would make Mediabay one of the most powerful loop browsers.


But that’s working just fine, I use it regularly to preview loops to have a quick groove, when starting a project. Unless you use your own samples and these don’t include any tempo settings. Just enable the tempo sync in the mediabay.

I have this problem as well. When you say sync to tempo, I assume you mean the ‘align beats to project’ button.

It seems to depend upon how the original sample was made/saved. I’ve got some sample libraries that sync perfectly, but one set of samples I really like, that I bought from SampleMagic, plays back at double speed. It’s easy enough to sort out when you drop the file into a project - just double click and change the tempo in the audio edit window and it sorts itself out in musical mode. But it’s really annoying not being able to preview in sync with the tune.

Has anyone found a way round this? My samples are labelled with their supposed tempo, e.g. 172bpm, and I’ve tried changing the label in mediabay to 86bpm, but this doesn’t have any effect - it’s probably just a labelling tool. Is there some other way to tell Mediabay what tempo something is supposed to be.


The same thing happens to me with some WAVs, but there is an important factor to take into account: the configuration of your project…

Your project is set to 24Bits / 44.1Khz.

You try to play with MediaBay synchronized with samples higher than 44.1Khz, for example at 48Khz or even 96Khz you can never synchronize due to the different frequency of your samples with that of the project, this generates a playback error at different speeds impossible to synchronize.

On the other hand I am with you because sometimes even with samples at exactly the same frequency 44.1Khz and labeling at the time of the sample the MediaBay does not synchronize properly and this is a bug that has not been corrected in CUBASE 11.0.20.

Good luck