Loop Browser Samples are out of tempo synced


I have a strange problem.
I run Cubase Pro 8.0.3 and I have also tried 8.5 trial, same problem there.
Soundcard is Steinberg UR22.

Loops in the Loop Browser are out of synced. They doesnt match the project tempo. Instead they lag around 0.5 ms after.
This happens everything i load up cubase. Doesnt matter if I load an existing project, template or begin fresh.

If I turn of the asio guard, hit apply, they match the project tempo exactly. Even If I turn on the asio guard they match the tempo.

Doesnt matter if I save the project with asio guard on or off. Everytime I load cubase the loops in the loop browser lag behind. My fix for this is turning asio guard off (if it was on when I left cubase the last time) and back on again, and vice versa.

I have tried the 8.5 trial, and the same problem there.

Is this a common bug? More than I who have this?


Just installed the update .35 and problem is still there.