Loop Browser


How do you import loops and loop files into Cubase 6 Loop Browser? I have a large set of my own loops that I would like to include in the Loop Browser but am not sure how to import these files.

Make sure the folder they’re in is checked in Mediabay and scanned.

Essentially, loops must be imported into Cubase first, before you can use them in Loopmash … you can’t drag n drop from your file system folders. As Mashedmitten indicates, the media bay is most useful as you can have whole folders of loops read in and if they are ‘Acidized’ with key and tempo info you can audition them in real time in key and tempo matched with your project, provided you’ve set the project key in the main Cubase project window.

In addition to the different media bay browser windows, you can also import from the Pool, the project window (a file you either recorded yourself or had already imported) or the Sample or Audio Part Editors.

This info is from pg. 84 in the “C6 Plug_in Reference” manual. It’s just a few pages on Loopmash … but a lot of info if you want to get deep into using it.