loop crossfade issue?

I’m encountering an issue when looping and applying a crossfade. Works great when I save the program as a vstpreset… When I then remove the program and bring it back into the sampler the loop stops. This appears to happen when I use a crossfade - I don’t see this when I have no crossfade. I’ll take the crossfade off and the sample loops normally again. Apply the crossfade and the loop stops. I’m just using the continuous sustain loop in the sample editor window. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I’m using an iMac, 10.6.7, 2.7GHz Intel Corei5 - HALion 4.5.


Have a look in the adsr.
Did you make settings for hold & release?
Depending on the playback mode the hold acts
as the sustain. So it could be that there’s something’s wrong.

Have a look at the adsr in the manual.
Maybe you’ll find an answer there.

Best regards.