Loop-De Doop-De DooO00Ooo!

Ok so I’m looking for loops to fuel an inspiration for trying some other types of music.

Here’s the general categories (as best as I can describe it).
Tweakers, whistles, otherworldly distanced pseudo percussion.
World(ish) percussion, with lots of filters and liberties taken.
Pseudo-percussion like you’d find in techno-trance.
Industrial / machine FX…
…and the occasional breath, gasp and bellow of a monster would be cool too. :laughing:

I don’t need a gazillion loops, just something with a wide range of categories to play around with.


If you log-in at Loopmasters you can download some free sample loops. The Tropical Tech free-download has some whistles, pseudo percussion and even a gasp :smiley:

I bought the Groove Tech one recently and really like the one-shots, haven’t really tried the loops out properly yet. There’s a few Tech percussion loops in the free download:

If you want real World percussion I highly recommend Tribal Percussion for full-on loops & one-shots (1.9Gb!):

And just so you don’t think I work for Loopmasters, I also highly recommend looking at SoundsToSample, especially the Sample Magic series. The Tech House one came out most recently:

If you don’t want to buy a whole pack, they also do the ‘Elements’ range. 10 loops for £1.29:

I think you also get some freebie sample packs if you log-in at Sounds to Sample too, or at least you used to.

I’ve been inundated by my day job, but I will check these out in the near future!