Loop library...

Hi to all the geniuses at Steinberg, I was just wondering if its possible to have a killer loop library with the next Cubase version. Maybe a contract with a loop company like “Big Fish Audio” or “Loopmasters”. I think shipping Cubase with 20-30 gigs of loops right out of the box will put it above all other DAWs. Thank you!

The Loop Browser shows that Pro currently comes with 10,513 loops. And while a case can be made for including more, the problem with that is what is a killer loop for you can be a dud to someone else and vice-versa. The cost of adding additional content ultimately gets passed on to the customer (i.e. you and I). So do you want to pay a bit more for Cubase that includes loops that you may or may not like? Or would you prefer to pay a bit less for Cubase and use that savings to buy some loops (or anything else) that are exactly what you want?

Should come with access to user supplied loops in the cloud and presets too for that matter.

That’s certainly an area where NI’s Reaktor User Library and Line 6’s (a fellow Yamaha brand) Customtone have created real value for their users.