Loop Midi-Clips


for fast working i want to loop midi-clip. This means i want i.e. create a 4 bar bass loop and repeat it x times but if i do a change at the original clip this change should also be in every loop of it.
I know the “duplicate” and “repeat” function but it seems these do not what i’m searching for.
I’m using Cubase 5 Essential, is and how is this possible for this version or can another Cubase version this?


edit: Cubase essential has an option to create “shared” copies when you use the repeat function. Shared copies do what you are asking.

This only works with audio clips I believe.

There is also an individual track loop function, but I don’t think you can break out of the loop without disabling it (i.e., you can’t say loop 8 times – it will just loop forever). Soo, as far as I know, you can’t do what you you’re looking for, unfortunately. :frowning:

I checked the C5 Essential manual, p.31. Audio and MIDI parts both can be duplicated by pressing
[Alt]/[Option]-[Shift] and dragging. This creates a shared copy of the part.

There’s a dialog box that could have been checked Do Not Ask Again on processing Shared Clips. It’s reset in Prefs.

Thanks for the hints, by this i’ve found it.
In the dialog for “Repeat” is a check box for virtual copies.
For Audio-Clips this will be done automatic but for midi you’ve to enable this.