Loop playback problem - when off there's no sound, when on sound is desynchronized

Hello, I have a problem working with version 10.5.
When the loop playback is on and loop is set then there’s sound when I turn play but desynchronized, what I mean is that sound starts from a different place then the loop. When I turn loop playback off then there’s no sound at all… Can someone help me, know what’s going on? Thank you with advance for your help.
Below there’s link to YouTube where I recorded the problem how it looks.


First, it’s not recommended to start your music at the very 1st bar. The 1st bar is always a bit shaky, Cubase needs some time to start the engine and everything. So it’s recommended to shift the musit to bar 2 or 3.

Please, try to click the Deactivate All Mute States and Deactivate All Solo States in the toolbar. Maybe you would hear the sound after.

Can you try to make a Backup project (from the File menu)? Is the backup project healthy?

Well I know about first bar… It’s just a bad habit but never had a problem with it.

Deactivating didn’t change nothing… I did much more then that and still the same problem, I even install the trial version of 11… Same stuff also in a new empty project, backup didn’t change also nothing. I have installed 10… The same problem.

Do you know where cubase have his registry?


Cubase Preferences folders (if you ask for this) are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase X_64

You can try to backup and trash the preferences folders. I would recommend to trash all Cubase versions preferences, to make sure the error wouldn’t migrate from an older Cubase version preference.

It’s done :grin: I’ve cleaned the registry and all Steinberg folders, normal and hidden, restart computer, install Cubase again and it’s working.