Loop points and crossfades for samplers


is Cubase capable of setting loop points and crossfades within a part of an audio file and export the file with this metadata to be imported and used in samplers like Kontakt or Falcon?

Wavelab does that. I think the closest Cubase comes to this is sending Sampler Track instruments to Halion 6/Padshop Pro/Groove Agent (SE) 4.

I need to pay 570 euro for a completely different software to do this easy task?
I hope you are wrong and wil wait for more replies.

Thanks anyway, I´m glad for any help in this regard

If there is I haven’t found a way, although they have a fair amount of features hidden.
You can’t save a crossfade value with regular .wav files, only the loop point as far as I know (and a few other things).
You need something that can export those sampler formats, like those programs. There is a few other software that can do this, they export as sampler formats.
If you want to have custome fades in the .wav with metadata you need to first print the crossfades.
Hope that is info you are after…

Wavelab Elements 9 is a lot of bang for the buck. You get all of the essentials like loop points (that both Kontakt, Reason and Omnisphere picks up) and also the “edit in Wavelab” feature that new versions of Cubase has. Perfect companion for Cubase but also a fantastic audio editor by itself.

Creating loop points is really powerful, it’s one thing to find them but the loop tool also helps you blend audio to get seemless loops.

It’s almost strange it doesn’t cost more actually.

This is exactly what I need, thank you!
If the Elements version really covers the loop point workflow I will give it a try.