Loop problems persist in 10.0.10

I’ve been experiencing loop problems since 10.0 and it is still acting erratically on the recent update.

I have the loop function on by default. If I turn it off, the playback will stop at the end of the audio as it should. Then I turn the loop back on, but it still stops at the end of the file and the loop function will no longer work after that. I was able to get the loop to work again if I turn it off and then back on while it’s playing, but not while it is stopped. I have been able to duplicate this over and over again after opening/closing Wavelab and importing various audio files. I was also able to get it to loop even though the loop is OFF, which is a problem I was experiencing on the last version.

Playing an audio file or a montage?

I don’t have this behavior here D-Sane. Are you on Mac? 10.0.10 seems better than 10 overall, too.

Me: Audio file.

Just playing regular audio files.

My signature says Win 7 Ultimate. :wink:

I’ve never had this problem with any previous version of Wavelab. All of the other issues I was having before have been fixed with this update, except the looping problems.


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You don’t see my signature on my first post?? I usually opt to not attach my sig to my subsequent posts so as to not clutter the thread.

Hm, OK, fair enough. I do see it in the original post. Haha, this is an interesting feature I didn’t know about. If you drop into a post for the first time does it leave your signature?

You on desktop or mobile? Might be different on mobile. I always post from my desktop and at the bottom of the page there are options:

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