Loop selection+tempo behavior

I never understood why the selection I make with loop points randomly switches behavior for certain projects. What I mean is, I’ll set section to loop so I can practice the parts to record, I’ll change to a faster tempo and the loop points get shifted so I have to reset them. This only happens once in a while, and the only way I know to get rid of it is to export all my audio and MIDI data and create a new project. What’s the actual way to toggle this behavior?

Im trying to read between the lines…you have your audio set at 120bpm, you loop it, rehearse…change your mind & speed the track up a little or down as the case may be.

Then the loop markers are out of sync,so you have to move them???

Sound like your audio parts are not using musical mode…as opposed to linear time.

any audio you bring into the project / or start a project with, go into the audio pool,and set the tracks to musical mode & at the same time choose the correct algorithm for timestretching the audio.

then all should be well. if thats not it please explain a little more :smiley:

Yeah, if my tempo is at 120 and I change it to 100, my loop locators expand and move out of place to accommodate that tempo change. Thing is that I haven’t started recording audio yet, so there are no audio files in the project right now.

Also I never keep my audio files in musical mode, this just randomly happens once in a great random while.

The loop points will still encompass the same number of bars. Depends on your zoom setting I guess.

No, they don’t. The number of bars changes, the loop points shift and shrink or grow. They behave like audio in non-musical mode.

Here, took some screencaps so you guys know what I’m talking about.

First we have the track at the normal tempo (170):

Then we have the track when I change the tempo (changed it to 164 just for demonstration):

As you can see the loop area moved and changed in size.

Is it possible that a sysex command can cause this to happen? I’m pretty sure that in most cases when this has happened I started a project by importing a MIDI sequence from a hardware sequencer (either XP-30, sc88pro or fantom g).