loop troubles

Hi, im a new user to cubase and i’m having troubles with pasting loops into my track to match the tempo set on the orignal project. Once iv’e paste the loop to the track it always ends up being out of tempo. This is very frustrating because once i time stretch it to match the tempo the pitch is then sped up making it change in pitch which i hate because 9 times out of 10 the loop doesn’t sound good anymore. Please can someone give me some feedback on what to do, this would be very much appreciated.

Did you set Cubase to convert the sample rate and bit depth of your loop to fit those of the project (Preferences->Audio->On Import Audio Files)? Do that by all means.
If your loop is tempo tagged correctly, importing it and activating the musical mode in the sample editor will do the trick. If it doesn’t, I suggest you read “Tutorial 8: Editing audio II – tempo and groove” in “Getting Started” guide since the operation may vary depending on whether you know the original loop tempo or not and whether the loop has tempo fluctuations or not.

Yes thank you. I ended up figuring out the sample rate was not selected properly, thanks anyway mate.