Loop Tweaker

Just got back to sound development and realised the “Sampler” feature which made WaveLab superior to all other software for sound development (looping in particular) has been removed. What used to take a few seconds to find a perfect loop in a sample with previous versions V4, V5, V6, now takes forever with the new “Loop Tweaker” in V8.5. In some instances it is even imposible to acheive a perfect loop. I am now forced to use old versions of WaveLab to get my work done. What is going on here. Can someone enlighten me please.

All loop functions are still there in 8.5. Which one is not there anymore, according to you?
BTW, are you using using 8.5.20?

Problem solved. I took a deeper look and due to the UI change, it took some time to find the features I need. Yes you are correct, everything is still there under different terminology.