Loop/Vamp functions?

I’m trying to see whether VST Live could replace Qlab in theatrical shows. Is it possible to loop/Vamp cues and have complex trigger interactions (e.g. end of one cue triggers a fade out on a different cue)? Looked through manual but found no reference to loop/repeat functions.

If this isn’t possible can I preemptively add this as a feature request? It would be an absolute game changer in theatre work to have a qlab equivalent that was tempo aware.

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As mentioned in another post we are planning to implement looping and remote loop control.
You may set Trigger Points for Parts within a Song; just locate Transport to where the Part should be triggered and hit the Trigger item to the right of each Part.

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implementing a full and flexible loop function is a must for a app like that.

Thanks for the clarification. So is it possible to trigger fades on other parts? Example scenario: hitting a key for next cue will make specific parts fade out over x amount of time.

I have read the manual but if there was a reference to this I didn’t spot it.

Very glad to hear looping is coming in future. Are you able to say whether the playlist/looping/fading features of qlab are a specific reference point in terms of things you’re looking to add in future? Just trying to see if this will be a viable alternative to qlab at some point so I can start preparing the theatres I work with to potentially switch over in future.