loopback function

why i canot use it on discord and teamspeak? ,it works well in skype,but my friend say i have loot of feedback when using on teamspeak and discord,also another question,what tool can i use to route cubase(eq,comp for my mic) to skype ,teamspeak,discord,i tried voicemeter banana but i have loot of latency,even on 64 buff size,ur22mk2

The feedback depends on the rest of your setup. If for eg. you have speakers on it will cause feedback. Also having your headphones to close to the mic can in some case cause feedback where the output is bleeding into the input causing an “echo loop” = feedback. Try lowering the volume or find some form of “unity gain” using the UR gain vs. Teamspeak gain since Skype doesn’t cause problems.

Routing Cubase can be done in different ways, depending on your OS for one thing. on Mac you can use Soundflower or on Win jackaudio: http://jackaudio.org/downloads/.

Alternatively you can setup Cubase as audio source in Skype (how this is done depends on OS) the setup a channel in Cubase taking input from your mic and turn on monitoring for that channel. Then put th FX on that channel or the master bus. How this is done in Cubase exactly is something you’d have to look up in the routing section in the manual.