Loopback with the MR22 MK2 and Camtasia as the Screen- and Audio-Recorder

hello, i’m planning to do cubase tutorials using camtasia as the screen- and audio-recorder. why camtasia? because i’m familiar with it, and it’s robust. it records all system sounds – but not the cubase sound. that’s why i got interested in the loopback function and purchased the MR22.

the MR22 is plugged in, an no other devices are plugged into the interface. i just want to use it to feed the DAW output back in, so that camtasia can capture it. i enabled stereo loopback in the cubase ASIO settings, called up camtasia, checked “system recording”, played a composition in cubase back: nothing was recorded from the DAW output.

second issue: i usually use a good mike which is connected via USB. seems, even if the system recording would work, i could not record the mike at the same time, since the MR22 takes over.

anything wrong with my musing? any help?