II have a UR28m and when I turn on Loopback all I get is feedback.
what do I need to do?

What are you trying to do?
Normally loopback should be left off, unless you need it for something specific - broadcasting or testing for example.
See the Manual :wink:

I read the manual, it just glosses over the subject.

Lets say ofr an experiment I wanted to broudcast live or record a youtube video straight from the browser.
Thats what I think Loopback is designed to let you do.
So for example, i might want to load up guitar rig and record playing that for example without having to connect outputs to inputs and record from driver/soundcard to different driver/sound card etc…

Have you figured this out? I just bought a ur28m and would like to play along a youtube audio, while recording. Thanks!

Bump…the UR-242 boasts loopback recording but doesn’t have the routing software of the UR-28m or UR-44.

How does this work? Wanna be able to record streaming stuff, Skype calls, etc.


I am thinking on getting the UR 44 or UR 824, and this loopback function would be important for me.

I’d like to use a microphone via the UR, the sound of Cubase and all sent out to Skype.

Or just to record both the Cubase and microphone sound.

Is that possible without the usual hassles in Windows?

This would depend more on Skype. Loopback would work for taking the sound from the output of Cubase to Inputs 1-2 on the UR824 or UR44. However, it would also take the sound from the output of Skype, so if you’re trying to listen to someone through Skype with the UR, this could cause of feedback loop. You will also need to have the Mic on input 3 or 4 because the 1-2 inputs are used by Loopback when it is on. I hope this information is helpful.