Looped track replaying at different pitch

I’ve been having an issue with a particular MIDI track in a current project, which I think is tied to the use of pitch bend on the track. Playback for the entire project is fine, save for a particular track which plays through fine, but if i’ve set the playback to loop and it loops back to this section, it will always play back that single track at a different pitch (until I press pause/stop/play again). The section of the track that I’m having issues with ends on a note using some amount of pitch bend.

Having only run into this issue after introducing the pitch bend, I assume it’s this that’s causing it. I figure that the pitch bend ‘signal’ (or whatever…) is carrying over from the ending of the track to the looped playback of the entire track. The thing is, I’m quite attached to this particular take and would love to be able to just alter the pitch bend so that it is cancelled/bypassed (or whatever the correct term is, sorry, I’m still quite new to DAW vernacular) a nanosecond or so before the track loops.

I know that this is really just a request to be taught how to alter pitch bend information on a track properly, but I figured that I should make a post to address the issue as it’s clearly not intentional. Any help would be much appreciated!

Edit: I’ve managed to alter the pitch bend data the way I’d hoped (so that it reverts to the regular pitch a nanosecond before ending), but it seems to have just made the change in pitch upon looping even more random. Originally, the looped playback was all a semitone off or so, but now half of the track plays normally upon looping whilst other random parts are completely random in pitch. I have absolutely no idea why this is happening, and it has made it incredibly annoying to create parts to fit on top of these ones since I can’t really loop the part, so any help is still very much appreciated!


Use the MIDI Monitor Insert to check the MIDI data.

I’ve had this issue for a while now and have not gotten a resolve yet. When playing a midi part, suddenly, without a finger on the pitch wheel, the pitch slides sharp and lands between pitches. Or when listening back to a looped part suddenly it shifts, sometimes staying at the new pitch and sometimes looping the pitch change every time. When I pull up the pitch bend info, sure enough, I can see the pitch change. No idea what’s causing it. I have two systems and two different controllers and have the same issues on both computers. EXACT same arbitrary pitch shifting.

Also, sometimes when it happens the pitch shift info does NOT show up so I can’t fix it by deleting the shift data. I’ve abandoned ever using the pitch wheel at all and usually just hold my breath and hope for the best. I do find that some sample based VSTs are LESS likely to have the issue and it’s much more likely to happen with analog sounds.

If anyone has found a solution to this I would appreciate it.

Since upgrading to 9.5, I’ve experienced random pitch bend activity, without physically using the pitch wheel or drawing in data. It is understandably causing havoc with most midi tracks. Observing the midi activity monitor and looking at controller lane, I can see pitch data constantly cycling at random rates.

Any ideas would also be appreciated.




Is there any Remote Device involved in your system? For example Mackie Control protocol is using Pitch Bend to send the fader value.