Looper Feature

Mentioned this on the Cubase 10 forum.
I’ve been using Cubase since SX.
The prices for multi track loopers are sooo expensive!
The RC-505 is around $500-$600
AEROS Loop Studio is around $600
Headrush looperboard is around $900.

If Cubase can include a looper function that works similarly to the AEROS or Headrush and can layer effects like RC-505, I think it would be really useful.

The full price for Cubase with a looper feature or included VST plugin with “unlimited” tracks would easily be a better value than the RC-505, AEROS and Headrush Looperboard. I think this could open up a whole new customer base for Steinberg.
Maybe even make a looper hardware pedal specific for looping?

Cheaper looper pedals are to limiting.