looping a section in sample editor?

ive got a accapella in the sample editor. Is it possible to loop a section of that accapella in the sample editor and for that to play a long with the main loop your playing in the arrange window. it would be great if you could loop stuff like this in media bay! if this cant be done is this possible in wave lab lite?

It is not possible to make two independet loops in Cubase, which are playbacked simultaneously.

But…! If you playback any project, you can open MediaBay, and pre-listen any sound. This sound could be in loop (just activate “Preview Cycle” – Shift + Num /, in the MediaBay). So., in fact, it’s possible to do it hits way. But you can use tist trick for one loop only.

Or you can import the loop into any sampler, and leave it playback in loop.