Looping and Playback audio glitch/pops (Musical Mode)

Hello everyone,

I have discovered an issue that is causing audio to pop and cut out when turning cycle On/Off while in playback. This does not happen when the playback cursor is playing outside the locators/cycle.

I believe the culprit is any of the elastique algorithms. When I switch to a Standard Algorithm, the issue goes away.


  1. Import an audio file and use musical mode or transpose +1 pitch
  2. Loop and turn on Cycle.
  3. Hit play and toggle cycle On/Off.
  4. Audio cuts and pops.
  5. Switch to any Standard Algorithm and the problem stops.


I have reported this to Steinberg but I would like to see if someone can test this out and confirm the issue is reproducible.

This has been reproduced by Steinberg support and will be investigated by the dev team.

Added video link above.