Looping audio?

Fairly new Cubase user, but veteran DAW user here. I’m trying to figure out how to loop a short piece of audio a few times within a song. I looked at the documentation but couldn’t find any way other than just copying and pasting. Suggestions?

Select the audio event and press Ctrl+D.

Unless you mean actually looping a section of a project, which is done by selecting the audio section via the ruler (a pencil tool will appear that will let you do this), enable the loop button in the transport and press Play. Alternatively, you can select a clip (audio or MIDI) that encompasses the portion you would like to loop, press Ctrl+P (which automatically highlights that section) and then enable the loop button on the transport, then press Play.


Cool, thanks. I’ll try that. I figured it must be easy to do, I just couldn’t find it.