Looping issue; once set can you get out of it and move on?

I’m a new user, have Cubase AI 9.5 that came with my Steinberg UR22 mkII audio interface.

Let’s say you set the Looping feature for bars 7 and 8 in your project. Once you’re in that loop, how do you get out of it and move on?? Is there some way to tell Cubase “do the loop twice then continue” or something like that? Because it seems that once you set a loop over a section and you get into that section, you’re stuck there, just keeps repeating those 2 bars.

Also, is there a way to set a loop for individual tracks rather than the entire group that’s set at the top of the project window? I’ve heard/read about this Independent Loop feature. Is that what I’m looking for here and is it available in AI 9.5?

Please help.


This loop in Cubase is not meant to be in the production. It’s just for editing. If you want to play bar 7 and 8 2 times, just Duplicate the bars.

OK, thanks Martin.