looping no audio heard

I want to solo a vocal track si i can put it in a loop to assess and alter fx applied to that vocal.
Next cycle no audio heard, it’s gone.
Any idea’s?

Hi meltdowns6,

Gave it a quick check (iPad Pro 12.9, iOS 10.3.3, Cubasis 2.2):

  • Cycle playback of female vocal audio track
  • Applied Room Works SE, altered FX settings

Things work as expected over here.

Please let us have more details (what kind of project, environment, steps to reproduce the issue).


Hi Lars,

It’s a 24 track project on a iPad pro 12.9 with 80gig room left.
10.3.3 iOS.
It loops only the first 5 tracks or so. The vocal is on track 14.
It’s strange because on the first run it will sound everything.
The second pass only 5 tracks, the next pass everything sounds again and so on.
No midi involved and no plugins applied.

Thanks for the update, now I’ve got the point.
Please give it a try to increase the polyphony value (located under Setup/Audio) and let me know if it solves the problem.