Looping problems...

Hey, new to this forum and to using Cubase AI 8 as well. I’m just trying to make a simple beat using an Akai MPK Mini controller. I made a track and merged it into “track loop” but I need to loop the track continuously throughout the song. I read on anohther post about an “independent track loop” but I cannot find it. Thanks in advance if any of you can help me out. :blush:

Hi and welcome,

“Independent Track Loop” is available in the Key Editor. To be honest, I’m not 100% it’s part of Cubase AI. But I’m 100% this doesn’t help to your scenario.

To do so, select the MIDI event you want to loop in the Project window. Press Ctrl+D (Duplicate). Do so multiple times, to make multiple loops. Or use Ctrl+K instead, and type the number, how many times, do you want to Duplicate the MIDI event.