Looping Question

As I tried to search for an answer here and on the web I noticed I may not be asking the question properly so please bear with me… I hope this makes sense to you so you understand what it is I am asking.

I have an 8 bar sequence currently which cycles. I am recording some midi tracks. On one of the tracks, because of the way the part is played, I don’t start playing (piano by the way) until after the 1st measure. I continue to play and what is supposed to happen is that the end of the part is technically the beginning. So the note I play right at the very end of 7th bar should loop back around to the start so that it sounds seamless. The first note (again which is actually the note played at the end) comes just a hair before the beat which is why I don’t start playing until after the 1st measure. Is there a way to have the note at the end “wrap around” when the sequence cycles/loops to the start?

I know that if I were to duplicate the 8 bar sequence, the sound would just overlap into the next loop which would make the “problem” a moot point but when I’m in composer mode, I like to just loop small sections until I have a working song. Then later build the song out of the various loops I’ve created. I was hoping there was a way to do this natively. One thing I could do is manipulate the midi note so that it is at the beginning, but then you lose the initial attack of the sound.

I hope this makes sense, any pointers are appreciated.

Jones :confused:

No, unfortunately.