Looping recording Question

Hi All

I have been using Cubase for years now and feel I know the software pretty well. (the parts of it I use anyways)

Yesterday I did a session with a vocalist who asked me to loop the chorus so she could work on harmonies. What she wanted was the entire chorus looped with lead voice playing back. On first line of the chorus she had nailed the harmony and wanted to hear that harmony but drop in for lines 2-4. The only way I could get this right was by duplicating the harmony track to play back the first line while recording lines 2-4 on a third track.

Is there a way to set a playback loop separate to a recording loop. I looked at indepent loop in the part editor but couldn’t figure it out. I personally never use the part editor for much so am quite a rookie when it comes to it.

If it is not currently possible, what do you all think of having two loop locators? Then one could loop a larger section, while automatically dropping in and recording a smaller section within the larger loop.

Make sense?



Totally makes sense, and as a Wavelab user, I think much can be improved in the Cubase marker/regions department. AFAIK, currently it’s not possible to have a different playback and recording region/loop.

I’d suggest having at least three types of regions/loops: playback, skip and recording region. Even better would be a fourth region, a separate one for export (though I hardly use export).

We’ve asked for this before. I’m for it. I like to loop back to a much earlier part to get the groove before recording the take … However, the solution is silly but easy. Just set the loop to the much earlier lead-in area and delete it once you are done recording.

That is no solution to punching in a single line in a section that is looping for playback - a singer wouldn’t be able to hear the lines just recorded in a previous take on the same track.

Correct, I guess saying the word “solution” was a bit strong. Make no mistake. I have asked for and want independant loop and punch points very badly.

Thanks for the responses guys. Good to know I’m not alone on this. For now using two tracks seems to be the best workaround for me, but the addition of another set of locators either for record or playback would be much appreciated.