Looping: tracks silent, or extra loud

When looping, my classic machines drum pattern makes a loud pop! This happens randomly on beat 1 as if all the drums are playing at once.
I froze the track, and now the track will randomly not play for a loop cycle, and then come back the next time normally.

On Ipad Air 2, using latest Cubasis 3.3.1. Ipad on 14.5.1

Hi @Gaven,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Are you able to provide us with a short clip, that shows the steps and visualizes the issue?


Hey Lars,

My apologies, it’s not letting me upload a video or attach a link. How can I get that to you?

Thanks, see attached. It occurs the 2nd time around in both clips.
1st is Loud Pop, 2nd is Silent Track

Hi @Gaven,

Thank you for providing us with the additional information, which has been shared with the team.


Hi @Gaven again,

Our engineers are unable to reproduce the issues.

If possible, please share the projects with us (e.g. dropbox link via private message) to enable our engineers to further evaluate the problems. Please make sure to add the forum link to the correspondence.


Hi @Gaven,

Thanks again for providing us with the example projects via private message.
Unfortunately our engineers are unable to reproduce the problem though.

Can you think of any other additional steps leading to the problem?


How did you uploaded the video

It didn’t let me at first due to being a new member, but I was given link privileges, and just uploaded my recorded screen file.