LoopMash 2 Not Reading Midi


I’ve been doing a score for a short film that I’ve been working on for about a week. Just now, Loopmash stopped reading the “performance” that I did, and is only responding to mute automation. What happened to reading the rest of the things I did to the track? How did it stop reading the midi input it’s had for over a week?

Thank you,


Thats really random. You could always try trashing your preferences.

Yeah, at this very moment it’s only reading the midi when it’s in solo, when everything else is playing it goes as though the loopmash is just a loop, disregarding the midi performance I previously did.

So I just made a temporary fix. It started reading the midi once I turned on monitoring. Why would this happen? It wasn’t like that before.

I’ve had a similar issue with some synths believe it or not, it just won’t read MIDI. What I do to stop it is change the MIDI tracks destination and send it somewhere else, then re-route it to whatever, in your case Loopmash. Failing that, send it to Loopmash as a send too, it will come back, just sometimes needs a kick up the jacksey