Loopmash 2 Scene Switching

Hello again, have made some scenes in Loopmash 2, want to use my keyboard (A-300 Pro) to change between scenes but all I can do is start and stop the scene already selected.

Any help appreciated.


Wrong forum.

Thanks, will go to the right forum right away.

Would this be a VST instruments in general enquiry?

Sorry, I posted in the wrong thread. :blush:

You’re in the right place.

p. 169 of the VST Instruments manual.

Ok, didn’t get the VST instruments manual with my copy of Cubase 6, as was an update. Have looked for a link to download it from Steinberg, but can’t seem to find it. Also looked in help menu for the same thing in PDF, not there either.

It’s called plugin reference, p. 88.

Was looking in the C7 docs before.

Fair enough, I didn’t specify my version. How do I go about thanking you?

Thumbs up button, top right of my post.

I’m the one forgot this was the C6 forum, sorry for the confusion. Did you find the method?

Yes, I was using the wrong octave selection on my controller, all sorted now.