Loopmash 2

Just tried to get this working but Loopmash can’t find the files. I didn’t do anything special when I installed C6 so I presume the sounds went where they were supposed to go. Alas, Loopmash keeps returning the “Where are the files” message…


Am I to assume nobody knows?

I ran into this too, and yeah, at the time nobody came around with an answer either. Don’t feel so bad. Are you running the demo version or did you buy it?

OK, I just went into C6 - now as an owner - and I ran into what you are running into again. HM, I thought buying C6 would fix the problem.

OK, what I am finding is that some of the Loopmash sounds are there - BUT NOT ALL OF THEM. I seem to have all the ones from C5 still there, but none of the new ones. This is what happened when I ran the demo C6. Damn, it’s still this way.

Now I’m with you, anybody?

Hurrah, someone else in pain :laughing:
The C5 loops are there? I’ve not got to those. I gave up after 4 or 5 failed to be located. Worse, I have to click cancel around 12 times each to get back to the program :imp:

Ah, OK, I think I figured this out. It seems there is more info on the install disc than meets the eye. FInd it and browse the contents. Look for: Additional Content\Vst Sound. Open this up and down near the bottom there are a bunch of program installation icons. One of them reads: LoopMash Content 2. (there are two here that read 'LoopMash… - if you click on the wrong one it will tell you you already have LoopMash 2 installed, which you do. So cancel this, and click on the other one.) This content is what you are looking for.

Oh, and while you are there, start going over the other install icons? You will find an icon that says: VST Amp Content - this is the ‘Amp Rack’ program that you are missing also… Man, Phil, what have we been missing? I guess it pays to look through the entire disc. I am also gathering that there needs to be some drag and drop of the other ‘VSTSound files’ icons into various folders… See that Groove Agent post on the Forum?

Crikey, that’s a lot of farting about that should have been included with the install but I guess I’ll get round to it sometime. Thanks for working on it anyway :sunglasses:

Ha! Phil, there’s work and then there’s work. :confused: You shouldn’t waste a second on updating your C6 with all the included software and vst sounds. Man! I thought it was cool before, now I’m just livin in a Steiny dream! The Amp Rack feature is pretty damn cool, too, don’t miss this! :smiley:

I’m off work for 4 days now so I’ll be rockin’ in no time :sunglasses: