LoopMash 2021 still impossible to Render!

I’m working with Nuendo 10.3 on Windows 10 64bit from 2017. The problem was already there with Nuendo7,8…

First i’ll say i like LoopMash, i’m using it for 5.1 music with separate outputs (8 tracks ). but i noticed some problems and bugs with it.

  • 1 : It is impossible to do a Render or an audio-mix export.
    LoopMash uses a lot of process and with Halion for ex, i 've to turn the latency up to 2048 so 44ms, then it’s to much to play midi instruments from Halion with my Keyboard. So the solution is : Render and cut off LoopMash to decrease latency while recording midi Keyboard.
    The Render starts correctly, then it suddenly stops, when 40% done ( but it can be 2%,10%…), and Nuendo crashes, which forces me to quit and reboot it.
    I found the 8 files created, in the audio folder of the project, they only contained 40% of the duration.
    the same thing happens if I do an audio export of mix, bus, or separate tracks.
    To get by, I have to create 8 Buses, 1 per LoopMash output, then 8 stereo recording tracks, 1 per Bus, and then I can record in real time and in separate files, the 8 LoopMash outputs.

-2 : To program LoopMash, we create presets with different settings (24), and throughout the song, we will switch from one preset to another with midi notes from C0 to B1, which we obviously record on a midi track.
Once this part of the work is done, if we want to use automation to vary certain settings, we will for example control the “Adapt amount” parameter (which adds filtering to the LoopMash sound) at the beginning of the song. We will go into Write / Read mode, which will put all the LoopMash parameters into Write / Read mode.
But during this replay, the LoopMash preset changes, (which vary a certain number of settings each time), will trigger the recording of these variations by the automation, which will then be replayed and take precedence over the midi track assigned to the LoopMash preset changes.
As the changes are only made on the beginning of the song, only the first changes are recorded and then the automation tracks are flat, and when the preset changes generated by the midi track arrive on the next playback, the settings that should eventually change are immediately reset by the automation tracks, and the changes are no longer made.
The very first time this happened to me it took me a while to figure out what was going on.
This forces me to go to all the LoopMash automation parameter tracks, and there are a lot of them because there are a lot of parameters, to bypass the automation playback on these tracks, and leave only the “Adapt amount” parameter track active in playback.
It would be much more practical to be able to read or write the automation parameters tracks independently, especially for instruments of this type.

3- Another bug noticed, it happens that one of the separate outputs of LoopMash doesn’t work well anymore, the sound doesn’t come out on the right side for example, while it comes out correctly on the main output.
It is then necessary to restart the project.

When, like me, you use your own sound, coming from various hard disks, LoopMash only memorizes the address of these sounds, and does not allow you to choose which part of a song to use, for example.
This means that we have to edit the song in a project, cut out the 4 or 8 bars that interest us, and transform this selection into a file before dragging it onto one of LoopMash’s tracks.
On the other hand, it is again the address of the file in the audio folder of the project that will be memorized by LoopMash, which makes our personal programming untransportable to another computer, for example a laptop on which we would like to work while travelling.

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