Loopmash - automation of scenes

Hello folks,

I´m playing with loopmash
I would like to automate scene changes through the course of the project. However, there seems to be no way to do it.

My approach:

  1. Activate automation write
  2. Hit play
  3. Click on the scene buttons during playback
    Result: the selected button starts blinking and the scene itself doesn’t change. A gazillion automation lanes appear for all parameters except for Scene number.

My question is. What is the purpose of scenes if you can´t automate the activation of a given sequence of scenes at specific points during the project?

Thank you!


Do you mean these 1, 2, 3,…24 buttons? These are a MIDI Notes, in fact. To switch these send the relevant MIDI Notes from the Instrument track.

Read the manual here, please.

OMG, that was embarrassing. That’s what working 12-hour shifts will do to your head.

I have the manual but I was reading in the wrong section.

Thank you for clearing this for me.
Loopmash is a much-missunderstood instrument. Quite unique in my opinion.

Thank you for clarifying.