LoopMash bug

Hi. I insert a LoopMash on a track. Open the plugin. Without touching anything else, I try directly to click on note lentgh 16th. It does not work (does not make any change). If I click on any other length (like 8th), then I can select the 16th and it works.


Is the project playing back already? Can you see the waveform in the plug-in?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

I am on Windows, Cubase 11 Pro. The project is stopped when I add the plugin


What happens next? The project stops playback. You hit playback again and press the 1/8, right? What’s next?

Do you use HiDPI screen by any chance, please?

Oh let me please reformulate. The projet is not playing. It is stopped. I add the plugin on a track. I can select any length expect from 16th. But if I select 8th or half, then I can select 16th.

It is a bug that prevents me to click on 16th if the plugin has just been launched

I don’t use HiDPI


On first opening of LoopMash FX plugin, the 1/16 note length selection button will not work; click on any others first, then 1/16 becomes available. With 1/8 or other note length selected, now close the plugin; re-open plugin, same problem - 1/16 note length not selectable.

(not new; same in C10.5)

Thank you Puma0382

No worries…

(Mind, given a good overhaul, this is where the tool should be headed - https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1014191#p1014191)