loopmash crashing..

Hi All,

I seem to be able to get loopmash to crash fairly regularly (but not completely reliably) but putting a few loops in the various slots, playing around with it, setting a few buttons/sequences, and then trying to add another loop to the mix… This cause cubase to crash, which doesn’t release my sound board, requiring a complete system reboot…


I’m running 5.5. x64, but I’m gonna say I can’t use loop mash if I can’t depending on it not crashing cubase…

Has anyone else seen this?

Yes, I also managed to crash Cubase by adding loops to Loopmash. That’s a pity.

I managed to crash Cubase 6 x64 while playing around with LoopMash2 during a tutorial session with it, adding loops, changing slice parameters, loading up my own loops, etc. This is very disappointing and poor behavior from an engaging and innovative VST. I wonder if the new LoopMash for Apple iPhone/iPad will also misbehave this way.

Same here.
I thought I’d give Loopmash a try in a small 13 seconds music piece I need to create for a commercial.
Things went very well until I wanted to record some vocal noices. Now I can’t get the project running again.
I rebooted serveral times and restarted Cubase with different results:

A. Can load project, but after first note cubase ends without a warning
B. Project takes forever to load and after a few bars cubase cashes and my audio devices are making a terrible noise.

I am going to try to save my work and I will write down my steps:

  • Restarted computer and start Cubase 6 (32bit in Windows 7 64 bit)
  • Load Loopmash first in a new empty project
  • Load my project.
  • Throw away all other tracks.
  • Open loopmash and start pattern by hand (unsync)
  • Loopmash sync back on
  • Do an old fashioned realtime bounce by recording on a seperate stereo track
  • First try loopmash does not follow all pattern changes and they are a few bars late (!??!)
  • Second try: YES! I can do a mixdown on the new seperate stereo track
  • Save project under a different name
  • Now open original project (to replace loopmash with mixdown track)
  • Project takes forever to load…AND “Cubase 6 has stopped working”
  • Clicked “close program” (for the 5th time)
  • Trying to kill Cubase6.exe *32 in task manager but that doesn’t happen
  • restarting Windows again (windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, 8Gb RAM)
  • Loading project after restart. No problem this time :slight_smile:
  • Directly removed Loopmash Instrumewnt track
  • Saved project under a different name (before doing anything else)
  • added mixdown track of loopmash
    …and now all is well :slight_smile:

So I don’t think I will give Loopmash another try for long.
I did want to try it because of the iPhone app. But for now I’ll pass…