LoopMash freezes Cubase when hitting play or exporting audio

Hello there,

When I play a certain part of the song or when I try to export it, Cubase freezes. It is to 99,99999% definitly LoopMash. Since I use like 5 VSTs + LoopMash and only when I turn off LoopMash, I can export completly.
2 hours ago the error didn’t occur when I played the part in the track. Back then I didn’t export so I didn’t know I had this issue.

I suppose it has something to do with switching the drum kits in a very fast pace (32th notes).

And even if I solve the issue the thing after that might be the next issue:
I added all those funny effects, you know? In LoopMash it self. The reverse effect, the slower-pace effect and so on and on. <----- This MIGHT be the problem after that.

But I seriously don’t get how it can freeze now.
The funny thing is:
When I wait in the playing-mode, after 5 minutes it unfreezes. I dunno anymore what happens with the drums, but one instance of Absynth starts to play one part of a pattern and it keeps going. Even if I play the song from the beginning or press stop. The one Absynth note keeps on playing. That’s why I thought it might be Absynth, but I can render everything perfectly without LoopMash.

Can you help me out with that? Please no work-arounds like:“Use another plugin” or “Make it 4/4 instead of 32/4”.

If you guys want, I can provide you with the project file, pictures, videos or sound relating my issue.

Have you tried Render in place for LoopMash? Have you tried exporting LoopMash into the project as an audiofile instead of freezing? (If you don’t have 8.x) You can then turn off LoopMash and hopefully be able to export the project.

I had a similar problem with Halion Sonic and it only happened in one project. To be honest I have not had it again, so it was obviously some unholy combination of software I was using that was effecting it.

It might help if you gave the details of your system and the vsti’s being used.

Do you mean bouncing?

I guess I’ll go with that method… didn’t come up with it because I never used it since I never needed it anyways.

Windows 8.1 64-Bit Pro. Cubase 8.5 Trial phase 64-Bit and KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE EDITION 64-Bit.
That’s basically it.

Render in place has to be the most useful addition to Cubase recently.

Edit/Render in Place

You can either render with the current settings or sort out the settings you want. Just remember to highlight the part/parts you want to render.

I’m guessing that like me you will soon find it an essential tool.

Hope that helps.

Doesn’t matter which one of the both I take:
Nothing happens

Watched a video about it. Cool new feature!
Sadly it keeps freezing in. Now even sooner than before!

You have to click on the part you want to render to highlight it - well actually it is darker but you know what I mean. If you track consists of many parts highlight them all, or join the parts and highlight that. Then go to Edit/Render in Place. Choose the current settings and click on that.

Holy fucking shit! It’s getting worse and worse!
Instead of rendering the whole project I did as you suggested and tried out single figments.
Those rendered ones have a fucked up and crinkled and distorted and clipping sound.
What the hell is wrong with LoopMash?

LoopMash works well, here…I don’t think LM is the problem!

It works when I hit play, but for exporting, it’s the same for me. This is probably a bug, because Cubase becomes completely unusable for several minutes. I am forced to close Cubase with the task manager. Here is the display that appeared after 10 minutes of waiting. Render in Place or audio export of the track, nothing works, Cubase freezes.

Freezing Screen Bug Loop Mash.JPG