Loopmash FX

I was very curious about Loopmash FX. If I read correctly here on the forum some people thought it only worked on audio(tracks) But that’s not the case… it also works on midi/vst/group channels etc.

Automating the several effects is also very convenient.
Just add an automation track below your audio/instrument/group channel and you can draw a line to trigger the right effect in a group. You can choose Effect group 1 (tapestop/vinyl) Group 2 (stutter) etc… Then determine the height of the line to trigger the desired effect with all the way down set to bypass…

I’m very happy with loopmash. I don’t like assigning extra midi to trigger effects like it works with Effectrix. I myself use stutter and tapestop a lot so perhaps Loopmash is a better vst for me. Still testing a bit so not sure about it :wink:

Just wanted to let you know because I read a lot about it…

Thanks for the info…!

I don’t have 7.5 so I have to ask. When you do this automation, do you get the names of the effects in automation lane? (i.e if it’s 1/2 or 1/4 etc).

Was thinking on creating a VST Expression Map to map them as key-switches into the effect. That way you can get the names of the effects on the lanes, a bit like in the Glitch plugin.

Dont know for sure… Will check it tomorrow when i’m back in the studio :wink:

It looks like this :wink:
Schermafbeelding 2013-12-10 om 18.55.46.jpg

So it definitely has it named. Cool!
You do, however, not see it on the automation curve itself (obviously). This shouldn’t really be a problem because each lane has only like 5 values so it’s easy to see.

Been fooling around the last few days and it’s pretty ok! Don’t think i’m returning back to effectrix…
But 1 disadvantage… If you use effects from all 5 groups… You get a lot of automation lanes… But it’s ok…

That’s awesome.

This adds a new dimension, something that I’ve never been able to do. Who knows what will come of it? Genius.

Gonna try this out, what is the fastes way to add an automation track? I don’t see this under the project menu…

Just click show automation below the desired channel