Loopmash irritations

1.) Why is it that regardless of how many bars my loop is, loopmash only applies the first single bar to the lane with no way to change it? I can have a 2 bar loop and only the first bar/8 slices is accepted. I can input a 4 bar loop and same thing. This is with audio from the project window as well as Media bay. Extremely bloody irritating to say the least.

2.) If you only insert a single master loop, should it not play back exactly how it was imported? I insert a loop sounding a particular way and loopmash takes it upon itself to play it back sounding totally different, shuffles it up like some cheap raggae beat. I have no other loops inserted and just the one. I thought loopmash only ‘mashes’ loops up in relation to each other when having more than one inserted, if just one is inserted shouldn’t it play back exactly how it was imported since there is nothing to compare it to within loopmash itself being the only loop imported? Damn thing has a mind of its own and makes it completely useless to me.

What I am trying to do is the following. I have a couple bars for example playing back from Stylus RMX. If there is a bar I may want effected through Loopmash I highlight the midi notes for that particular bar, mix it down to audio and import that loop into Loopmash so I can play around with the performance controllers for that particular section and then have it switched off so it can be played back from Stylus RMX like nothing ever happened. I have both the Stylus track and the Loopmash track playing out to a group track so eq, compression etc can be global between both tracks playing to maintain tonal similarity despite being played back from totally different instruments. Very sound idea but it isn’t working anywhere near how I thought. Am I doing something wrong, or is Loopmash 2 still just as useless as 1 was despite the neat additions?

I do appreciate any help and time, this has greatly frustrated me this morning and have turned it off until I can hear back appropriately. Thank you.


Can anyone kindly confirm whether a single loop dragged into Loopmash plays back exactly how it was dragged in as long as no other loops are loaded into Loopmash at the same time to allow for a ‘mashup’?

Can anyone explain why a 2-4 bar/16-32 slice loop still only gets loaded into Loopmash as a single 1 bar/8 slice loop?

I hope I am missing something here that I can be sorted out answer wise.

Thanks a lot.

I have given up on loopmash long ago even in cubase 5… I now have cubase 6, & also purchased the intermediate 2 advance cubase DVD tutorial on line. When it got 2 loopmash tutorial, just said a few things then, said get info from are website, streamworks audio. Sreached the website v& nothin of that nature. I think loopmash is a big con.
Am very disappionted with loopmash.

Damn, I’m having the same trouble with the random “mashing” of an imported loop. Did a forum search and found this thread.

Also for me, loopmash wont import a sliced portion of a song at all. When I bounce the selection it will then usually work so try that with the measures you want to import.

Its a shame, loopmash seems to be a really really cool instrument but its auto analyze features are crippling its application.