loopmash issue, please help

Hi guys, Im Andy, this is the first time ive been on here. hope your all well.

Ok, so i have recently purchased cubase 6 and I’m having a problem with loopmash. Ive created a nice loop but now i want to put it into my track, so i create a midi region and open the editor and draw a line at C0, as that is where the manual says the first scene will play on, but I get nothing? Im sure its something really simple that im missing. can you guys help me, cheers :slight_smile:

Andy, Hi. OK I am into Loopmash a bit and I don’t do what you are doing to get Loopmash onto a track. And now I will tell you how I do it, but would you tell me if all the sound files can be found for your Loopmash? I seem to have all the old ones from C5, but there are new ones in the C6 version that I cannot find. Since I have a trial version, could it be that I don’t et the full version to try? This is not what the download page says…

OK, on to your problem. Open a track (new) under the Projects tap and indicate that it is for Loopmash (under VST instrument/Loopmash). Then hit the record button for this track as your loop plays. Cubase will record it as if it is an instrument. You might have to play your loop (with it’s alterations) ‘live’ style to get to all the ideas you want to record. ?? When you say you have created a great loop, I don’t really understand this. Are you saying that you have figured out what you need to play as you sample Loopmasher, changing things as you go along? Or are you saying you have commited your changes to program memory? Eh, sorry, again I don’t do this. I find a groove and record it, then try song ideas over the top of it to another track.

Hm, OK, my solution is now different than I remember it!! In fact, I can’t record the Loopmash as I described it to you. Don’t shoot me. What i have to do is reroute my outputs from my mixer (1640i), send the Loopmasher out one of my channels via an Aux send, and bring it back into another channel that is set to record.

Which works great, but I thought it was easier than this. In fact, I thought it could be done as I described it! :open_mouth: Hm, really, it seems like I must have been mistaken, just looking at the C6 mixer, what I suggested in my first post doesn’t seem possible because the Loopmasher is a VST device that is not sent to the input.

Or was I more brilliant in a former incarnation? Man, sorry for any confusion, but maybe somebody else has a way to do this besides my current solution? :confused:

hey mr roos, thanks for your replies. im not sure why you are missing some files but I woul think it was because you are using a trial version yeh. so far I’ve only used loops that didn’t come with loopmash, dragged from the audio pool, so not sure what has come with it.

ok lol, so when I say I have created a great (imo) loop, I mean I’ve dragged 3 loops into loopmash and moved their sliders to get the slices I want for each loop. as its on an instrument track I assumed I could create a midi region and draw it in on the piano roll.

ill experiment with this next time im on it. thanks again for the reply :slight_smile:

Most probably you got the wrong octave to trigger the scene, happens to me all the time.


nah its definitely the right octave bud becuase when i save another scene i can see it switching between the 2, anyways, the way i am now using it is this. as long as the play and sync buttons are activated in loop mash the loop will always play when u play in the project, so i am now just muting and unmuting the on the automation line when i want the loop to play, i have tried exporting and this works fine, thanks for all ur help tho guys :slight_smile:.