loopmash midi control problem/SOLVED

I’m triyng to control loopmash from a midi keyboard. The manual tells me that these midi notes does the following:
C2 Start
D2 Stop
E2 Sync on
F2 Sync off

but as soon as I press C2 or D2 the sync comes on and stays on no matter what I do from midi.
In other words midinotes C2 and D2 work only once. E2 or F2 doesn’t do anything at all.
I tried with the virtual keyboard as well - same result.
Any ideas ?

The manual (page 204) is wrong! - it should be
C2 Start
C#2 Stop
D2 Sync on
D#2 Sync off
please correct the manual in the next update!

wow. Thanks for sorting this out. That is pretty bad