Loopmash not accepting audio files because of tempo

Hey guys, I need some help with loopmash here:

When I drag 'n drop a loop into loopmash, it returns with an error. The tempo could not be extracted and I need to manually edit it in the media bay first.
When I enter the media bay and click the file to edit, there is no attribute inspector at all, just the results list.
How am I supposed to edit the file attributes? Is there some setting to switch on/off the attribute inspector?

I’m stuck with loopmash within the first 10 seconds of ever using it… :confused:

Thanks for any help to point me in the right direction!


no where near a daw to step thru but…to replicate…as I am trying to understand is…your dragging files into loopmash from where? exactly…the explorer or mediabay?..(btw wav/aiff - mp3?)

part 2 - if its from mediabay, & your looking for a correct attribute and its missing…go to the dynamic / managed tabs at the top & select the proper attritbute you wish to see appear in the editor.