loopmash samples not find

why the loopmash don’t find samples for some presets?example if i select Afrojane preset cubase don’t find the samples…help me

imac 3.06ghz 1 tera HD 4 Giga ram digi002rack Black lion audio modified


This might help.

  1. Open “Media Bay”
  2. Enable the pane for “Define Locations” (do this with the “window layout” button)
  3. Open the location named “VST Sound”
  4. Click on the sub-folder “Loopmash Content” and then click ‘rescan’
  5. Click on the sub-folder “LoopMash 2 Content” and then click ‘rescan’

Let me know if that fixes it!



the loopmash conten 2 don’t exist…i already installed the loopmash2 content 3 times…

so i have cubase artist 6 and now i hjave activated the trial of cubase 6 and the samples are found…my question:when the trial of cubase 6 is terminated i don’t see the samples in loopmash?please help me…thank you

the samples should stay when the trial version ends.

I think that when you loaded the trial version of Cubase 6, that helped find them.