loopmash samples

when the trial of cubase 6 is expired ,cubase artist 6 don’t load the samples of loopmash 2…some presets of loopmash not find samples… :smiling_imp:


Try: “MEDIA BAY” then “RESCAN”


nothing after rescan in mediabay…ahhhhhh worth

Morning Hiashamusic,

Sorry this is still causing problems. Its very frustrating when the tools don’t work like you want them too.

Here are two things you could try:

  1. Open Media Bay, expand the “define locations” pane and go to the “VST Sound” folder. Open it (twirl-down the little triangle) and make sure that both “Loopmash” and “Loopmash 2” are included as “defined locations”. the rescan again. (it just occured to me that if those two folders aren’t “defined” the rescan won’t help)

  2. Another possibility is that the trial version of CB6 created its own “preferences folder” which is now (possibly?) in conflict with the “Artist” preferences.

If you’re on a Mac, try trashing your Cubase “Preferences” folder (there will probably be one folder for Cubase 6 Preferences and another one for Cubase 6 Artist Preferences). You might try trashing both of them, then re-launch Cubase 6 Artist.

This will allow “Artist” to rebuild its preferences file

I’m not a PC guy, so I’m not sure of the exact location of those folders on a PC.

If none of this fixes your problem, I would suggest that you type a short list of the steps you’ve tried so far and e-mail it to the support folks. Your list should help them troubleshoot your issue really quickly. I’ve had really good results from those guys, they typically get back to you within the day or the next day.

hope this helps, let me know when you get it fixed! (curious!)



thank you very much for your support,now i cancel the preferences and i hope resolve the problem…thank you very much…

no,the loopmash 2 content in mediabay don’t exist…i return to logic pro and protools 9…i have no time for resolve bugs,thank you for support…bye bye