LoopMash sync problem with time signature changes

Hey all

I’ve checked out LoopMash today for the first time and I’m intrigued by the things that seem possible with it. But I’ve come across a problem in projects with time signature changes that I could not solve even after hours of googling and trying and thingking:
Loopmash, when in sync mode, seems to calculate the current beat of the transport by cycling through the number of slices in the loop from the start of the project to the current possition, instead of getting the current beat from the cubase transport. That means it is not aware of any time signature changes “on the way”, so that the bar position of cubase and the bar position of LoopMash get shifted and desync with every signature change. This seems to make it impossible that beat one of a bar in LoopMash comes together with beat one of a bar in Cubase.

This problem does not occure with sync mode off as one can ajust the different time signatures writing a cycle length automation. But with sync mode on, the plugin just recalculates the postition from the start of the project every time the cycle length is changed.

I also tried to find a way to offset the clock information that is sent to the plugin, but could not find one.

Has anybody found a solution to this problem?
Many thanks in advance.